Plug2Net 2.2

Connect your PDA to the internet via your desktop PC

Plug2Net is a solution for Palm powered handheld device users to attain Internet connectivity. It can be used to manage email, surf the web or access any other data. Plug2Net provides a simple answer to the challenges faced by mobile users who travel with a device not equipped with a wireless connection. It also enables those with wireless devices to restore connectivity when they have traveled outside their coverage area.

Plug2Net enables users to leverage the Internet access on their Windows powered PC's and cell phones to connect their handheld devices to the Internet. It can connect via the serial or infrared interfaces.

Internet access through the Windows PC is enabled with a pass-through connection. The Windows PC software enacts security controls—essentially acting as the Internet Service Provider for the mobile device. With a simplified point-to-point connectivity, Plug2Net provides supplemental access to the Internet.

Users of non-wireless devices can leverage the Internet connectivity of their cell phones to connect using a serial or infrared interface. This capability permits the user to access the Internet when they are traveling or a PC may not be available. Plug2Net provides one-tap connection to most carriers in the U.S. with an option to define custom configuration. The phone interface provides users with simplified dial-up connectivity.

Plug2Net provides supplemental connectivity for wireless device users to restore Internet access when they have traveled outside their network coverage area. Plug2Net helps share Internet connection from *ANY* Internet aware PC without compromising desktop security.

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Plug2Net 2.2

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